touch me again
for you've proved beyond doubt
touch cures
all day we cry
without pain
and struggle to run
all day for the night--
let the cloud split
its gloomy swelling
and pour
for you've proved beyond doubt
rain cures.

words have a way of
out of the monotone though we try
to harness them
and bundle them to conform
they jump out and touch
where it matters most
as the dull river forks
and presents
a spectacle.
each day i sit before the screen
facing a window, this garden of green,
tall trees, birds, and squirrels and bees:
a langour that's nature's idea of peace.

a white sky glows through in patches
offering itself as the muse catches.
my eyes feast and the mind wanders,
delicate pride as a writer ponders!

and through the grandeur of my tale
she flutters to my vision without fail,
sharp-beaked, and as small as my palm;
her simple message shattering my calm.

what does she know, this tiny bird,
the heavenly ring of a single word,
of worlds churned out from a writer's mill
as she hops about on my window sill?
(after the boat tragedy)

days after the drowning when companion villages
raised the memory of their various dead,
and boats and blame were re-examined,
and officials packed up, exhausted,
dredging out certificates and compensations;
one evening when the wails had stilled the sky
like ghost singers fading out, and the lamp
reached the threshold like any other evening,
the old woman hobbled out, muttering her prayers
and cursing each member of her family
for leaving her alone,
unaware of the reason
for the terrible silence in the house
that invaded even her deafness.

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