premiered in 1986
produced by the british council, madras
directed by vinod anand

a one-act play about a tyrant father and businessman who meets his end when his family can take it no more. explores the extent of power and its effects on those who are subjected to it.

won the second prize in the british council one-act playscript competition

bow of rama

premiered in 1993
produced by the madras players
directed by noshir ratnagar

The leader of a village is presumed
dead. The present politicians fighting for   a piece of the cake use and misuse his  name to meet their own      ends. Finally, their plans backfire and they have to seek even more ruthless remedies. Another look at power.
This time against the rural 
backdrop of a Kerala village.

won the first prize in
the hindu- madras players playscripts national competition


premiered in january 2005
produced by the madras players
directed by n.s. yamuna

what happens when strangers meet
and part on a railway platform.
greed, love, rebellion and betrayal in two acts.

this play launched the golden jubilee celebrations
of the madras players

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other plays that were read
not performed

SEASOUNDS,  the story of a
blind young man and the people
he encounters of an evening at
the beach. dark relationships lead to
an unexpected ending.

NO CURTAIN,  a young potential leader is recovering from a presumed accident. there is no saying who is the enemy and who is the friend. the question arises: do we have to fantasise to make reality more bearable?

A BIT OF TWILIGHT,  an old aristocrat comes into conflict with an ambitious doctor who is the son of an old faithful. the reversal of values, the death of feudalism---but finally what survives are the most basic relationships, based on understanding and love.

FIRESIDES,  a mini play in which a dissatisfied young couple play games against each other where the rules go awry.

ACTING CLASS,  another mini play where dance is the base, and the lines blur between acting and real life.

PASSAGE,  a brother and sister wait in a crumbling house, looking for deliverance. relief has to come.

REENA'S JOURNAL, where a diary reforms a "house-husband".
(C) shreekumar varma 2014
midnight hotel

premiered in march 2009
produced by the madras players
directed by mithran devanesen

a young widow. a lover. a drunken writer. a nocturnal netizen. an obsessive retainer.
get them together in a haunted hotel, and watch the fun! replete with special effects.


TEN shows in three months in two cities!

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the dark lord
nathu's dream

premiered in september 2010
produced by bala vidya mandir school
directed by neeta shrikanth
music by vanipriya jayaraman
supervised by krishna kumar s

a young boy. his homeless friends. a slave-driver of a supervisor. a new magic world of exciting creatures. an enormous dream.
and so much music & dance!

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premiered in november 2010
produced by thespian en
directed by ajit chitturi
presented by etonite

a political thriller set in the
highest levels of power in the indian
government--- with a shocking

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