In movies, following people is so exciting! Shadowing my father was difficult and bothersome. I stopped, ran, dodged and turned. Smartly I avoided dogs, pedestrians and mad cyclists.  
My father left Joppilappa Street and climbed the railway over-bridge. He was going to West Kavalam! I waited below till my father had reached the middle of the bridge. Then I took a deep breath and ran up, taking two steps at a time. The steps were steep. My legs ached.
My father left the shops and houses, walking parallel to the tracks, until the road turned. And then, there he was, right up at the gates of the Installation. Beyond the high wall I could see hundreds of trees.
No, it couldn’t be!
My father entered the Installation compound and the gates closed behind him. The security man returned to his chair. I stood breathing heavily.
The Installation!

It sits on a huge campus--- many, many acres of it--- and is run by a very important Government department. Defence, Science & Technology, and External Affairs--- all these ministries are involved in running the Installation. My father had told me long ago that everything in the Installation was secret, and no visitors were allowed.
I stood there, stunned. The mystery of my father had deepened.
This wasn’t the father I knew! Why would he hide so many things from me? There was nothing more to do here. I returned home much slower than I'd come.
That night I lay tossing and turning in bed. When sleep finally came, I dreamt my father was in the Installation, killing fierce-looking gypsies left and right. Soon there was a carpet of gypsy bodies.

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