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The story KARI'S CORRIDOR is featured in this collection for children from Puffin which also has stories by authors like Ruskin Bond, Ranjit Lal, Shashi Warrier and Jerry Pinto.

Reaching the Archives, Kari had no problem finding the book. There it was!
White Titans Of The Night Sky! It was thicker and redder than he’d expected. He grabbed it and headed back to the corridor.
It felt different this time, as if something cold had wrapped itself around him. And it was so terribly quiet! Now he couldn’t see the light from the Principal’s room. Had someone shut the door?
Like a fool filled with bravery, he placed his ear against the wall and listened. He tapped gently: Taptap--Taptaptap--Taptap! But the cry didn’t come again. As he was about to turn away, a thick black shadow rose above him. Kari jumped in fright.
"Sir, you, sir!" he gasped, as he stared at the Principal.
"Hello, Kari." Mr Vinayak smiled, his large teeth shining through the darkness. No one had ever seen him smile---except for that wolfish grin when he was caning someone. And the Principal had called him KARI!
"S-sir! How did you---" he stammered. The Principal giggled, sounding like a happy little girl, scaring Kari even more. "You were there in class, sir!"