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Pappu was having problems.
He’d recently discovered that older people were cranky and intolerant. His father bullied him into studying twenty-four hours a day just because he’d slept through one miserable paper in the mid-term exam. His mother nearly killed him with food because someone had recently told her she was a good cook.
As for his brother Somu, he was an exercise freak. Most people kept a safe distance from him but  he was always after Pappu. “What’re you staring at? Can’t I do my workouts in peace?” “Hey, those are my shorts you’re wearing!” “Pappu, you clumsy oaf! Did you go into my room today?” “DON’T touch that!”
Pappu was getting fed up of it all. 
Their house was big and old. It made creaking sounds at night as if the floorboards and furniture were discussing serious things with each other.
The house had another important resident. Hitler was only one foot tall, rather hairy and carried a permanent grin on his face. He could change his voice from shrill protest to deep rumble, jump pretty high and smell out food and trouble. 
At night Hitler sneaked up the stairs and into Pappu’s room. Pappu had picked him off the road when he was just a little pup with no background, no breeding and absolutely no sense of the human world at all.
It was here, in the biggest house in Pappudom village, that one night Pappu got the shock of his life.

The Puffin Book Of Funny Stories was released in December 2005. It features old and new Indian writers . Satyajit Ray, R. K. Narayan, Ruskin Bond and others, together with some very new names. It has illustrations by Amit Vachharajani
PAPPU returned in 2006 in a
brand new adventure, with a Puffin
Book all to himself---   Devil's Garden