Shreekumar Varma

hacking through forests of deadly data
and backing-up each of them later,
i suffered a dangerous virus sting
but resumed with infinite zip and zing.

thick foliage of pop-ups and banners
and sudden beasts with really no manners;
i crawled and i crept and i plodded on
to places no nerd had then trodded on.

i stole through a game that won me a prize,
though it's really the steal that gave me the highs.
but, hush! there's this department site
that honestly gave me a terrible fright.

the squeak and the roar and the howl of a hound,
though i'd taken great care to lower the sound.
i'm nearing the end, i've forded a creek---
jolly adventurer, no more a geek!

i type in a name and the shrubbery parts:
see there's a sight to warm up your hearts!
sipping the sun in a silver repast
the river that crosses your future and past!

dressed in a smile i dive in so fast
that even the fish are rather aghast;
there's nothing on earth that can ever compare
with the synthetic waves of a million software!

i swim and i leap and i frolic about,
i already feel i'll never get out!
the earth and the sky and a golden sunlight
are nothing compared to the cyber delight!

they're calling me now as they generally do
but soon they will tire of all this ado,
they'll leave me alone and go back to bed
the waters are closing just over my head.
page 93
Edited by Eunice de Souza & Melanie Silgardo, The Puffin Book Of Poetry For Children was released in September 2005. It features modern and earlier poets from all over the world. A sample:  William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Lord byron, John Keats, William Shakespeare, Harindranath Chattopadhyay, Rabindranath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Maya Angelou, A. E. Housman, Pablo Neruda, K. Ayyappa Paniker and A. K. Mehrotra as well as some very fresh talent.